380 riders, 78 former riders, 294 staff members and 20 former staff members are part of the MPCC as individuals. As a reminder, this process is voluntary and is the proof of a deep commitment to our values. Our movement wishes to provide clarification on this topic.

Over the first three months of the year, only three doping procedures have been revealed in cycling. An encouraging figure in light of the 32 cases revealed in 2019?

Because it is a matter of protection for everyone, because the health of the riders has always been our main focus and because we have been committed to fostering credibility for 12 years, MPCC asks everyone, and especially its members, to comply at once with all of the health measures with the same determination that it has shown towards sports and ethical rules.

The race joins the 9 other organizations that are part of the MPCC!

The Basque team is part of the UCI ProTeams division since the beginning of the year. By committing to the movement, Fundación – Orbea becomes the 17th MPCC team ot ouf 19 registered in the 2nd division.

The Board members have reviewed the application of the movement regulations and are glad to see that they are properly enforced.

The number of doping cases revealed in 2019 amongst cycling’s professional elites has nearly doubled in the span of one year. The MPCC takes it as a serious warning.

Thursday, 16 January 2020

Team Alpecin-Fenix joins MPCC!

The Belgian team joins MPCC and becomes the 26th first or second division team to become part of the movement.

In 2018, 89% of the Wild Cards awarded by organizers were granted to MPCC teams. In 2019, the percentage rose to 91%. 100% remains the objective.

The new French women team ‘‘Team Arkéa’’, which will be part of the « UCI Women’s Continental Team », requested to join MPCC on 23rd December 2020. This is the 6th women’s team to join the movement.