Lotto-Belisol is not anymore the only women team member of MPCC : Optum has requested to join the movement and is now provisional member.

The Italian-Japanese team Vini Fantini - Nippo - De Rosa, registered in the Continental division, is now provisional member of MPCC.

Available in webshop ! In 2014, MPCC changes its slogan: one year ago, the message was "Doping, it’s enough", dictated by a sense of anger at the Armstrong case. Now the blue bracelet will say "I'm clean." Because cycling has changed.

Friday, 03 January 2014

MPCC wish you an happy new year

May 2014 brings you health, friendship, friendliness. May 2014 brings the cycling everything we expect. May 2014 brings our sport its credibility back. Thanks for your support.

The Norway Cycling Federation is now member of MPCC, raising the total of federations members to eight.

The Italian Pro Continental team Neri Sottoli - Yellow Fluo has been accepted as new provisional member of MPCC. The final membership will be voted in february.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Within teams, MPCC win votes !

The UCI recently formalized the list of teams holders of World Tour and Continental Tour licenses for the 2014 season. In both divisions, the number of MPCC members increased clearly compared to the same date last year.

The Belgian Continental team An Post - Chainreaction has been accepted as provisional member of MPCC. The full membership will be voted in february 2014.

Eight teams members of MPCC, ten in total, are among candidates for an invitation for the next Giro d'Italia. In 2013, it’s an invited team of division Continental, non- member MPCC, that had suffered two positive controls on the event.

The new continental belgian team Kwadro-Stannah is now provisional member of MPCC.