MPCC have formally asked the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to include Tramadol in the list of prohibited competing products in 2014. WADA replied that the monitoring program on the substance continues its course next year.

Two teams, in less than one week, have applied to MPCC membership. After Veranclassic-Doltcini, An Post - ChainReaction also asked to join MPCC. 

The Belgian team Veranclassic-Doltcini formally applies to MPCC membership. 

Elected on September, 27th, 2013 at the head of the authority, Brian Cookson responded to MPCC, which he considers a "priority partner" of its future actions. In anticipation of the elections for the presidency of the International Cycling Union (UCI), MPCC had sent a letter to both candidates Pat McQuaid and Brian Cookson. 

The MPCC Board, that recently met in Paris, took the initiative to address an open letter to the two candidates for UCI presidency, Pat McQuaid and Brian Cookson. This initiative is in line with the actions of the movement since 2007.

Friday, 23 August 2013

MPCC's next appointments

The next appointments of the MPCC : a board meeting on 3rd september, a general meeting on 21st and 22nd october. 

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

"Cycling need more efficiency"

Interview with Roger Legeay, chairman of the MPCC, about anti-doping fight evolutions.

The French Cycling Federation (FFC), Movement for a Credible Cycling (MPCC) and French National Cycling League (LNC) keep controlling cortisol levels on the Tou de France : 14 teams take part in theses controls and now low cortisol level has been detected so far.

MPCC pronounced for the autosuspension of the team Rusvelo from July 13rd to July 21st.

MPCC board is going to hold a meeting about the Rusvelo case. In fact, three riders of the Russian team have tested positive during their national championships.